RARA-AVIS: Perdido Street Station

From: Michael Robison ( zspider@gte.net)
Date: 03 Jan 2004

I finished Mieville's PERDIDO STREET STATION a couple weeks ago. I was sorta disappointed. His writing just rolls with talent, but it seems like he skimped a bit on the discipline side of things. He does a great job describing and setting the mood in a huge sprawling city called New Crobuzon, and he develops a couple good characters, but the ending the was totally unsatisfying. My strongest objection is that I didn't think it was true to character. Another complaint about the end is that it didn't tie any loose threads together. I know that there's a modern trend to do this purposely for an artsy appeal, but it seemed to me that he simply wrote the book with no idea of how it was going to end and when it was time, he just wrapped it up quick and dirty.

I don't mean to be bad-mouthing him so hard. The book had the potential to be utterly fantastic. As it was, it was just OK. I still like his writing. I bought THE SCAR and look forward to reading it.

Shifting gears, I was watching Twilight Zone a couple nights ago and I noticed that Richard Matheson (I AM LEGEND) got a big credit at the beginning. The episode was called "Steel" and Lee Marvin was in it. It was set in the future (1968) when robots boxed instead of people. It wasn't very good.

Happy new year,


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