RE: RARA-AVIS: short stories vs. novelle, repurposed.

From: Todd Mason (
Date: 24 Dec 2003

-----Original Message----- Richard, Didn't you recently say you thought the novella was the perfect length? Well, the Utne Indie Culture 2004 agrees with you. Under Literary Genres in the Overrated/Underrated article, they list the short story as overrated and the novella as underrated. Mark

Of course, Mark, that gives you the kind of depth readers have come to expect from UTNE READER (well, in its first year, it did turn me on to OUR GENERATION), but it's funny you should mention, because the night before you sent this (or the night before that), I picked up the Michael Chabon collection WEREWOLVES IN THEIR YOUTH and read the title story, and turned directly from that to Joe Lansdale's novel A FINE DARK LINE, and damned if they weren't dealing with vastly similar materials, albeit in characteristically different ways. Alienated and intelligent but sheltered young boys dealing with freakish circumstance, to put it vaguely but truly. Other similarities of resonance await the adventurous reader (and I haven't finished the Lansdale yet, but like it so far...the Chabon isn't quite up to his Holmes during WW2 novella, Richard, I keep touting everywhere from the Summer PARIS REVIEW, "The Final Solution").

Also just read Peter Rabe's IT'S MY FUNERAL and am reading A IS FOR first Grafton novel.

Yours for all fiction, TM (and happy holiday season, all)

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