From: JT Lindroos (
Date: 17 Dec 2003

>>WAHOOOOO! Congratulations, Al, on your first time in print! And congrats
to JT for picking up on a fine new author. I wrote a review of Al's novel a while back. If you guys are interested, it should be available in the archive.<<

Thanks miker, I read the review at Noir Originals
( It's a terrific read, wonderfully paced, and one of the best first novels I've had the pleasure to read (it'd be a terrific 5th novel for a lot of established writers for that matter). We're only happy to be able to print a book like this -- I'm befuddled a larger indie house or even a major publisher hasn't caught it. But maybe it'll give Al's work some exposure and he can get up to where he clearly belongs. --JT.

JT Lindroos
Wit's End Publishing

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