Re: RARA-AVIS: Hardboiled and Noir

From: JT Lindroos (
Date: 16 Dec 2003

Al Guthrie said:
>>My point was simply that criminal point of view narratives are different
from detective point of view narratives. I used the label 'crime writing' since that's how Jason Starr, Russell James and Elmore Leonard have all referred to it, and that's high enough country for me.<<

Wit's End will label Al's terrific first novel -- TWO-WAY SPLIT -- as Crime Fiction when it is published in the first quarter of 2004. I know that everybody who enjoys Leonard, James and Starr will get a kick out of this knuckle sandwich. Some rara-avians may know the book from its earlier incarnation as KISS HER GOODBYE.

And to keep up with monthly themes, we have also acquired a collection of short fiction by James Sallis -- A CITY EQUAL TO MY DESIRE -- that has both crime (including a homage to Jean-Patrick Manchette) and speculative fiction... this is unlikely to be out by February, but also in the first quarter of '04. I shouldn't really make ay time statements considering how late we are in our schedule, but as this exists in an edited digital form the progress may be swifter than it was with the two Willeford's.


JT Lindroos
Wit's End Publishing

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