Re: RARA-AVIS: Various authors

From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 15 Dec 2003

I'm working my way through a lot of old emails ad ran across this by Ill:

"Speaking of THE BLACK DAHLIA, I watched the cable movie with James Ellroy talking about the murder of his mother, his past in general, and the Black Dahlia murder. . . . The only part of the show that really interested me was the discussion of the Dahlia. The reporter who's investigated the case for so long seems to have a pretty solid interpretation of the facts, and his solution to the case is convincing. The reporter's name is Harnish, and he has an elaborate website devoted to the case:"

This reminded me that I wanted to ask if anyone here has read the newish Dahla book in which some cop says his father did it. Is his case convincing? And is the book any good?


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