Re: RARA-AVIS: Noir and Hardboiled Fiction

Date: 13 Dec 2003


> "Hard-boiled" is about attitude. "Noir" is about
> atmosphere. Neither one is about a particular world
> view.
> That which is tough and colloquial is hard-boiled.
> That which is dark and sinister is noir.
> That which is tough and colloquial, and dark and
> sinister is both hard-boiled and noir.

I hate to drag this up again too but I feel pretty dragged up.

For the record, Jim's opinion is in no way a consensus view. There does not seem to be a consensus view on HB/noir. The way I see it, your noir will always come from the side of the loser/doomed/fuck-up. HB is from the POV of the essentially righteous tough guy, or whatever. (OK, "tough and colloquial" if you like).

So Geir, I agree with you that we're discussing literature with fundamentally different views of life.


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