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Date: 13 Dec 2003

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> See if you can find his science-fictional short fiction, as well.
 Much of Sallis' SF short fiction (most of it fairly post-apocalyptic)
 and some of his early poetry is collected in A FEW LAST WORDS. It's
 out of print but fairly easy to find used. There's a noir veil over
 a great deal of his writing, including much of his non-fiction and
 Valerie Polichar
 - -- >> There is also an excellent collection TIME'S HAMMERS published in 2000 by Toxic, a British publisher out of Birmingham. Oddly, it does not seem to include that short story from Amazing Stories referred to earlier. It does include many fine stories from the SF digests as well as from mystery digests and literary reviews.

My favorite Sallis so far is his novel DEATH WILL HAVE YOUR EYES.

Richard Moore

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