Re: RARA-AVIS: Chandler, Hammett & bravery

From: Bill Crider (
Date: 11 Dec 2003

I wish I could tell you more about Chandler's adventures in Canada (and why hasn't someone written a "historical mystery" about that?), but I can't. I know a little more about another guy (Wm. Faulkner) who went up there and joined the Royal Canadian Flying Corps. He learned to fly a Sopwith Camel, I believe, same as Snoopy.

I'm currently reading Jim Sallis' CYPRESS GROVE. As far as I know Sallis didn't take part in WWI. He writes a heck of a novel, though. And there are some little items tucked away in this one that some members of this list would smile at. For example, when the narrator and the sheriff drive into town, they pass a sign that says "Pop. 1280." And there's a character
(mentioned only briefly) named Lansdale. Other stuff, too. I liked this book quite a bit.

Bill Crider

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