From: Duane Spurlock ( duane1spur@yahoo.com)
Date: 07 Dec 2003

I forward this message, which I received from book dealer Mike Chomko:

<< Steve Lewis is reviving his fanzine, MYSTERY*FILE. Here's the lowdown from the publisher himself
(for a sampling from the first issue, visit http://users.ntplx.net/~lewis/Mfile.htm ) These you'll have to get from the publisher himself:

            Published approximately eight times a year
(every six weeks) by Steve Lewis, 62 Chestnut Road, Newington CT 06111
< lewis@ntplx.net>. Subscriptions available at $3.50 an issue, or four for
$13.00. Canada:
$4.00 an issue, or four for $15; overseas: $5.50 an issue, four for
$21.00. Associate Editor: Allen J. Hubin.

            For the most part Mystery*File will consist of reviews of mysteries and detective novels, of commentary on mystery and crime fiction, of checklists and matters of bibliographic interest, and of letters, of which PLEASE NOTE there are none in this issue. Please read that last sentence again. The effort of a number of people helped produce this issue, and I know they'd appreciate your comments, both on their work and on the books and the movies they talk about. Letters are not only accepted for publication, they are requested, if not demanded. Oops, sorry. Too strong. End of arm-twisting. Please feel at ease to just sit back and enjoy.
            But letters are certainly welcome. And if you have some reviews that you haven't written yet, ask for my guidelines, and I'll send them right out to you. If you have an article or longer piece that's still in your mind and not on paper yet, finish it up and let me know about it.
(The other way around is OK, too.)

            You might call Mystery*File a "no frills" magazine, since that's what it will be. What you see is what you will get. I wish it could be otherwise, with fancy layouts and slick paper, but all that takes time

I'd rather be reading -- and higher subscription rates
-- and what's 
druthers on that?  Perhaps M*F won't be the most
impressive fanzine on 
horizon, but if it's not fun to read, then I'm sure
you'll tell me.  
whatever I can do about it, I will.

Mystery*File will be a "print" magazine only. None of the material in it will appear on-line. The Internet has revolutionized the world, I know, but there's still nothing like the feel of paper in your hands, and the thrill of seeing printed words on the page. I began reading when I was three, and for me, the magic has never gone away.
I think that will be a primary focus of Mystery*File, not to be an up-to-date newsletter for the field, but a place where old and new works co-exist, where older mysteries can be brought up and discussed as well as those by the most recent hot authors, and where the careers of writers can be looked at in perspective. Mystery*File will be for those fans who love to read and talk about mysteries and series characters, and those who love to make checklists and those who love to have them, and if you can assist in accomplishing any of these goals, then so much the better.
Check your mailing label for your status: #40 means that this is your last issue unless you do something. C or R indicates you did a Column or a Review, and once again I thank you. S means Sample, and to receive the next issue, again you have to do something.
Deadline for M*F #41: All letters, reviews, columns and/or articles should be in my hands by December 30th.
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