Re: Writing the same book, over and over (was) RARA-AVIS: Chandle r or Hammett

From: Mario Taboada (
Date: 05 Dec 2003

I have no quarrel with repetition. It all depends on what's being repeated. For instance, most of us have no complaint about multiple orgasms or multiple helpings of a delicious dish -- and I have no complaint about multiple Wodehouse, multiple Ingmar Bergman or multiple John D.

If repetition bothers, it's probably because the dish, so to speak, has lost its appeal.

By the way, Faulkner's recycling of short stories into novels does not fall under the multiplicity discussion. The quantity of original material he wrote (anecdote, plot and characters) is enormous. His short stories are quite varied.

Best, and obviously this could be multiplied...


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