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Date: 03 Dec 2003

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********************* That was something I had a question about, Terrill. The copy they showed on Amazon didn't look like the hardcover copy I've got. Is there more than one version of SHOOTERS? The Amazon cover looked predominantly green, while mine is mostly yellow.

It might be the paperback, which has a shiny cover that doesn't photograph well.

I hesitated about recommending the book because I know the sale of a used book doesn't put any money in your pocket, but I thought that some people on the list might not have the cash for a new copy but might be able to afford the used one.


That's okay, Miker. The sale of a new copy doesn't put any money in my pocket anymore either. Judging by my royalty statements, it never did. After the advance, it's hard to beat the N.Y. accountants.


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