Re: RARA-AVIS: Chandler or Hammett? -- Plus A Glance At John Morgan Wilson

Date: 02 Dec 2003

Yes, I meant to say something like "one-man operator," in contrast to the Op. I've never read Daly (I've heard it isn't worth it) but my understanding from what I've read about his work is that his heroes, even though they were called "private investigators," were more like mercenaries/adventurers. Others will know better than me. As for the detectives in the classic English tradition, aren't they all amateurs? I didn't mean to quibble too much with Jim Doherty's point about Chandler being more directly influential within the detective genre in setting its conventions (Hammett's influence on Chandler aside).

Alan H
<< > As far as the private detective convention goes: The Maltese Falcon was
> published in 1930. Chandler started publishing in 1933. Does anyone know
> anyone preceded Hammett in this?
 Quite a few people: Doyle and Christie spring to mind. However, if you mean
 the "single owner/operator agency" detail, well, Spade was in business with
 Archer before he got murdered. After that Spade works alone, I guess.
 Does Carroll John Daly's Race Williams count?
 All the Best,
 Brian >>

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