Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Hammett or Chandler

Date: 02 Dec 2003


Re you point below:

> Who would you rather be, though? I think Chandler's
> been so influential
> because we want to be Marlowe, not the Op.

I see your point. Marlowe seems more obviously heroic. Nevertheless, I thing I'd rather be the Op
(assuming I'd be allowed to lose weight), precisely because he's a straightforward, matter-of-fact guy who's loves his job and is damned good at it.

Telling point. At the end of the first Op novel, BLOOD MONEY, the Op tells his boss, the Old Man, that he's taking two weeks off.

At the end of the first Marlowe novel, THE BIG SLEEP, Marlowe kvetches about the fact that he can't take a vacation because he might miss a case. The travails of the small businessman.

For myself, I prefer to be a paid employee for whom time off is a right, to being the owner of a shoestring business wondering how I'm going to make ends meet.


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