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Date: 01 Dec 2003

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**************** Thanks for the recommendation, Terrill. I've seen some other George Martin books available from earlier in his career and wondered if they were any good. Sometimes when a writer strikes it big they will reprint older stuff that's not quite on the same par.

I wouldn't worry about that in this case, Miker. I think Martin has been good for a very long time.

This will also be a great time for me to read your ANGRY MOON, which I understand is SF. I ordered it a few months ago and haven't gotten around to it yet. Based on SHOOTERS, I would venture a guess that ANGRY MOON has a hardboiled/noir touch to it.

Yes, but it's not SF. It's a horror/pulp type tale. The product of a very misspent youth.

And what about this new one coming out in April, EARTHQUAKE WEATHER? What's it about? I recall you mentioning a while back that you had new one on the way, but I can't remember if you gave a story line on it.

This one deals with a different kind of horror: HOLLYWOOD!


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