RARA-AVIS: Pohl: Robison on A PLAGUE OF PYTHONS (and his son)

From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 01 Dec 2003

Yes, Frederik Pohl wrote A PLAGUE OF PYTHONS. He and his son Frederik the 4th have written at least one book together, the one I'm thinking of on sf films.

TM (definitely check out Pohl's GATEWAY and MAN PLUS, THE BEST OF FREDERIK POHL collection Ballantine released in the '70s [covering his '50s-'70s short work], and apparently WOLFBANE which I've yet to read, the last and apparently grimmest of his novel collaborations with C. M. Kornbluth, whose solo work needs a look at here, beyond such obvious items as THE SYNDIC)

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 [mailto: owner-rara-avis@icomm.ca]On Behalf Of Michael Robison Someone mentioned [Frederik] Pohl. I've always enjoyed his books. They're intelligent and thoughtful without sacrificing the entertainment factor. I'm trying to remember if he wrote PLAGUE OF PYTHONS. It's a short book about the development of headgear that allows a person to take over the thoughts of another person. This allows people to indulge in wicked sins without the physical dues. Those wearing the headgear settle finally develop a new game where one puts the person under control into a certain death situation, like jumping from a building or scuba diving in shark-infested waters and slicing an arm or leg. A group of people discover what is going on and fight to destroy the technology. The ending is wicked irony.

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