RARA-AVIS: Mean Streets and Dark Deeds

From: Steve Lewis ( lewis@ntplx.net)
Date: 01 Dec 2003


I just found this entry in another dealer's catalog. It's a book I hadn't heard about before. Does anyone have a copy? What are examples of the kinds of books the author includes?


Gray, Philip Howard. MEAN STREETS AND DARK DEEDS: THE HE-MAN'S GUIDE TO MYSTERIES. Bozeman, Montana: Badger Press of Montana, 1998. A fine hardcover, issued without dust jacket; 10.2 x 7.1 inches; [4] x, 338 pages; reviews, author directories, references, author signatures. This is an annotated bibliography/review of 1001 'he-man' mysteries with ratings in five categories (plot, language, action, mystery, and excitement). The author's comments are sometimes scathing and often amusing. Apparently a fire-arms expert, he takes great delight in illuminating the failures of some of the genre's top writers. Entries are alphabetical by title.

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