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Date: 30 Nov 2003

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 Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 14:32:14 -0800 (PST)
 From: Mario Taboada < matrxtech@yahoo.com>
 Subject: RARA-AVIS: Richard Moore's first, unearthed.
 While browing the July 1978 issue of EQMM, I ran into
 Richard A. Moore's first story (so described in the
 magazine). The author declares that "his primary hobby is
 collecting books" .
 The story is "Hard Luck Story", a hardboiled short-short
 with punch and personality.
 Mario >>

Thank you, Mario. That is indeed my first story. Gosh, a quarter of a century ago! I still remember the thrill of that first acceptance. The title came compliments of Fred Dannay, famous for substituting new titles for stories he purchased. I can't claim the original (Business Trip) was any better.

The story was adapted for radio by South African Broadcasting, which I learned was not all that uncommon for stories from EQ. I asked for and received a tape of the broadcast. Back then I lived in Atlanta and we had a "den" of the Wolfe Pack, which was a dinner club as much as it was a homage to Rex Stout. The den had been organized by Jud Sapp, Stout collector and bibliographer who died far too young. On our evening for hosting, the feature attraction was the playing of this tape, which I had not previewed for the evening. My surprise ending was given away in the first minutes of the broadcast, so I was in as much suspense as anyone as we listened to the rest of the show.

The story was later reprinted in KINGPINS Edited by Cynthia Manson and Charles Ardai (Carroll & Graf 1992). My story makes up a small part of this anthology but buyers also get stories by Stephen King, Raymond Chandler. Brian Garfield, Andrew Vachss, Jack Ritchie, Avram Davidson, and Phyllis Diller.

And, as my own post of yesterday demonstrates, my primary hobby continues to be collecting books. And, hey, I've got a lot more to show for it than most hobbiests!

Thanks again, Mario, for the compliment.

Richard Moore

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