RARA-AVIS: More HB/Noir SF (Mieville, Cadigan)

From: chrisaschneider@earthlink.net
Date: 29 Nov 2003

I've read Mieville's "Perdido Street Station," which I would recommend highly. And yet ...

It doesn't "feel" HB to me. Also, even though it's an sf/fantasy crossover, I'd say that the subjective feel of the book is more of fantasy. To be specific, gruesome and Noir-ishly morbid fantasy containing a LOT of incidental gore.

Something close to HB/SF would be the writings of Pat Cadigan. The last one of hers that I read was "Tea From An Emprt Cup." Here's a review


There's also a sequel, "Dervish Is Digital," which I've yet to read.

She's good if you want SF/HB with a female perspective. I must admit that, reading "Tea" and her earlier "Fools" as well as several of the short stories, I've yet to be entirely happy with Cadigan. This is, however, clearly a major writer and somebody to be reckoned with.

For the record, the novel which people tend to cite as her Big Work -- and, also, one which I've not read -- is


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> Although I haven't read anything by him, a friend in the know
> about "cyberpunk" SF/Fantasy is pretty high on British author China
> Mieville. Anyone heard of or read his stuff?

On Sat 29 Nov 2003 , Patrick wrote

I've read all three novels. I think he's very good, if still a little raw. I think I still favor _King Rat_, or parts of it anyway, but his polish has been increasing rapidly. I don't think I'd call any of his books hardboiled. I'm never sure what to call noir.


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