From: Jesse Willis (
Date: 29 Nov 2003

--- Etienne Borgers <> wrote:

> "Simulacron 3" by Daniel F.Galouye, a very good
> novel wherein there is an
> investigation to discover what are the origins of
> our world and of the
> human race. The answer is amazing… but not really
> worse than all the others
> we were told…

I'd like to point out that Simulacron 3 was adapted to film, but most people missed it when it was in theaters as it was overshadowed by the first Matrix film, they were released at the same time. While the Matrix is much flashier and quite good the first time around it is really not very well thought through, Human beings as batteries? Give me a break!!!! Simulacron 3's film version is called The Thirteenth Floor. Here's a link to the IMDB page about it:


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