Re: RARA-AVIS: THE ILIAD - Dirty Tricks Are Good

From: Jesse Willis (
Date: 29 Nov 2003

Most people prefer the Odyssey to the Iliad in my experience. I find it hard to judge which is better in my own mind. The Odyssey is more fun, a wild ride, whereas the Iliad is more interesting and thoughtful, brooding. For those interested in good old fashioned stories you should also check out Virgil's The Aneid which tells the tale of The Iliad and The Odyssey from the perspective of the Trojans, who according to Virgil, and some resonable evidence became the founders of Rome. Its very powerful, but remains unfinished due to the death of Virgil. I actually like where it ends, on a dark note. It would make a fabulous movie, starting with the utter defeat of the Trojans and their search for a new homeland.


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