From: JT Lindroos (
Date: 24 Nov 2003

>> I just got mail from Crippen and Landru with several new offerings from
them. I've got a couple C&L books, and they are both beautiful. Nice covers and bindings, high-quality paper and big sharp print.<<

They are, and much nicer than our titles.

>>I notice that you did the cover for LUCKY, DIP, Juha. Great job! Did you
paint it or are you a Photoshop master? And I just noticed that you did the cover for PROBLEMS SOLVED, a collection of old Pronzini and Malzberg stories.<<

I do PhotoShop stuff, but I wish I could paint like some C&L cover artists. Carol Heyer does absolutely stunning work for them -- classic paintings that evoke just the right mood and run from lighthearted to darker pulp-influenced covers. Really neat stuff.

>>And hey, JT, you better be answering your email! I'm trying to order
Willeford and Fairbairn from you. ;-)<<

Hmmmm... I've sent at least two replies to you in two different email boxes, hope they made it to you. Just got a batch of BROTHER SPRINGER in and will be shipping copies tomorrow.

Cheers! --JT.

JT Lindroos
Wit's End Publishing

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