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 JT Lindroos wrote:
 Otherwise I've been reading LIZA CODY's short stories
 in the Crippen & Landru collection LUCKY DIP and I'm
 loving this stuff. I went to the library and got one
 of her novels, BUCKET NUT, and halfway through that I
 can recommend it without reservations.
 I just got mail from Crippen and Landru with several
 new offerings from them. I've got a couple C&L books,
 and they are both beautiful. Nice covers and
 bindings, high-quality paper and big sharp print.
I've just made the plunge to be a Crippen&Landru subscriber. The decision was made on pure merit...I discovered that hard or solft-boiled I liked what they were serving. What pushed me over the edge was my discovery of the stories of Baghdad detective Chafik J. Chafik stories by Charles B Child. I fell in love with them when I belatedly read them in my run of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. A Google search told me that Crippen & Landru had already issued a collection of these stories.

But hard or soft, the dedicated mystery fan can turn to Crippen & Landru with confidence in the quality. So okay, the Chafik stories are not hardboiled. C&L also offers a collection of Jo Gar stories by Raoul Whitfield, one of the most enjoyable reads I had in the last several weeks. Very hardboiled, this contemporary of Hammett deserves your attention.

Also, MikeR, I recommend in the highest terms Clark Howard. Crippen & Landru has published collections of his wonderful shorter fiction such as CHALLENGE THE WIDOW-MAKER (2000). But if you enjoy true crime, also highly recommended are books by Howard including BROTHERS IN BLOOD and SIX AGAINST THE ROCK.. And his novels are also of high quality.

Add it all up and Howard is one of the most underrated writers in America today.

Richard A, Moore

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