From: JT Lindroos (
Date: 19 Nov 2003

>>That is great news, JT. I clicked to order it but all I got was my email
opening up instead of an online form like I expected. <<

We had an online ordering system for direct sales but it proved to be more of a hassle than it was worth. This being such a small amount of our sales we gave up on it for now. I'll write you offline -- the book will be available through various online sellers and you can use credit cards and online ordering systems with these, though it'll be a small while before the books can be ordered through them. With us it's either check or PayPal (no credit cards).

>>I notice another book by Douglas Fairbairn called STREET 8. Is anybody
familiar with it? I read the summary on JT's site and it sounds interesting, too. I've never heard of Fairbairn before.<<

I wouldn't want to blow our own horn here (well, yeah I would, but I shouldn't) but STREET 8 and SHOOT are tough, gritty hardboiled classics that very few people know about. SHOOT is more action, a really fast read (the only books remotely like it in pace I can think of are Marc Behm's AFRAID TO DEATH and Joe Gores' INTERFACE), while STREET 8 is slower, sad and chilling. No likeable characters found in either, but realistic and scary. What I've heard about Fairbairn is that he was a truly wonderful, kind and gentle man
(he wrote two books about his friendship with a squirrel)... but these books are nothing like he was.


JT Lindroos
Wit's End Publishing

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