From: Vince Emery ( vince@emery.com)
Date: 18 Nov 2003

        I am starting a new publishing company, and my first book out next year will be Lost Stories, a collection of 21 currently unavailable stories by Dashiell Hammett. Joe Gores has written an introduction.

        I am restoring Hammett's stories to the original versions that appeared in magazines before they were edited for reprinting in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. (Some Hammett originals were one-tenth longer than the EQMM versions!) With the kind assistance of Richard Layman, William Nolan, and Bill Pronzini, I have been able to track down copies of almost all of the pre-EQMM versions. Unfortunately, now I have hit a wall and cannot find the first versions of four stories. I need the help of RARA-AVIS readers.

        I will gladly pay $100 each for Xerox copies of any of these four Hammett appearances:

. "The Barber and His Wife" (Brief Stories, December 1922)
. "The Sardonic Star of Tom Doody" (Brief Stories, February 1923)
. "Laughing Masks" (Action Stories, November 1923)
. "Itchy" (Brief Stories, January 1924)

        I do not need the magazines themselves. Photocopies will meet my needs just as well.

        Would any Rara-Avians be able to provide Xerox copies of any of these stories? Or would you please help me locate a collector or dealer who might? Thank you.

Vince Emery Specialist in marketing communications Author, public speaker, teacher, and consultant Box 460279, San Francisco, CA 94146 USA vince@emery.com Phone 1.415.337.6000

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