RARA-AVIS: New e-publishing venture

From: Al Guthrie ( allanguthrie@ukonline.co.uk)
Date: 11 Nov 2003

Thought this might be interested to some rara-avians. A while ago Lee Horsley (author of, most recently, THE NOIR THRILLER) and I got to discussing how we could keep some of our favourite books in print. We thought it would be ideal if we could feature pulp novels or noir paperback originals from the '50s and '60s on our respective websites. Daft idea, of course, that was destined to never get off the ground. Well, not quite. One thing led to another, and before I knew it Lee (also one hell of a website designer) had created Pulp Originals (the name is a controversy in the making, I know). Obviously the authors/authors' estates were never going to agree to the free distribution of copies of their work, so we're offering e-books in .pdf format at minimal cost and passing everything cent/penny bar the financial transaction costs on to the authors. Now that, they like.

The website is now in place and our first offering is Harry Whittington's THE DEVIL WEARS WINGS. Jason Starr's introduction is available online, as is Harry Whittington's essay, "I Remember It Well."

And I almost forgot the URL: http://www.pulporiginals.com


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