Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Catching up... Macdonald

From: James Reasoner (
Date: 05 Nov 2003

> As for James Reasoner, as much as I liked TEXAS WIND, and as much as
> I found echoes of Archer in his P.I., Cody, I'm not sure if the tone
> of the book was that reminiscent of Macdonald. And that's what I
> think would be the toughest to capture -- the tone of Macdonald's
> work. Which is why I thought of Cook and Atwood (and now Greenleaf).

While there's no doubt in my mind that Macdonald's work was one of the biggest influences on TEXAS WIND (maybe the biggest), I agree that the tone wound up considerably different. Another author's mechanics and plotting tricks are actually pretty easy to imitate, but the feelings they arouse in the reader just come out different somehow.


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