RARA-AVIS: Re: Eversz: Gypsy Hearts

From: Joy Matkowski ( jmatkowski1@comcast.net)
Date: 03 Nov 2003

It's out of print and practically out of OOP. I've ordered a $5 ex-library book that's condition sounds like it was dropped in a bathtub. Oh, well, I'm a reader, not a collector.
    I know Eversz was living in Prague about two years ago, but recently he was in California. Maybe he goes back and forth.


Mark Sullivan described:
> It's about a likeable enough, non-violent con man claiming to be a
> Hollywood producer -- he's in Prague trying to raise money for his next
> film. Of course, there is no film. He gets taken by a pretty
> stereotypical femme fatale, then tracks her down, conning her way across
> Europe with (is he really?) her brother. I found his obsession
> uncovincing (unlike the one in, say, Will Christopher Baer's Kiss Me
> Judas -- even if that book relied on the hoary "wakes up in an
> ice-filled tub without his kidney" urban legend) and the plot terribly
> predictable. The jacket copy calls it a comic thriller, but I don't
> remember much humor beyond some of the narrator's smartass comments. I
> figured it was just a comment to appeal to fans of Shooting Elvis.
> The writing on Prague, though, is very good. Again according to the
> jacket copy, Eversz moved there in 1992. Does he still live there? Is
> his writing on LA in the Nina Zero books just from memory? Those books
> have a great sense of place, too.

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