From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 03 Nov 2003

I really, really liked Shooting Elvis, and have recommended it here several times. I don't remember it being particularly cartoony or outlandish, either. Nina Zero is a great character, reminds me of various real people I've known in punk circles. I also liked the art in-jokes, from the Warholesque Shot Elvis (although it was one of his Marilyns that was shot and not by him) paintings, to the never stated reason why anyone would care about the "dingus" everyone wants. This book just blew me away when I first read it, so I was not surprised that I didn't think Killing Paparazzi was quite as good, merely very good instead of great. Is there a third due?

I was not so thrilled by his book that came out in between (but written earlier, maybe? it had that feel), the somewhat predictable neo-noir Gypsy Hearts. I've read one of his earlier business world mysteries, which was kinda okay, but not hardboiled.


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