From: Michael Robison (
Date: 02 Nov 2003

M Blumenthal wrote: If you think TATOO is obsessively sexual, how about GARDEN OF SAND, which aside from being about the dark side of living in the depression has many episodes of Jack's attempts to to have sex with his mother from the age of about seven until he is at about age fourteen and climaxes when he succeeds?

*************** I make a big distinction between GARDEN OF SAND and TATTOO. I don't deny the strong sexual content of GARDEN OF SAND, and I don't deny that Jack was sexually obsessed, but it was just a piece of the bigger picture which involved a stunning portrayal of the characters and their struggle to get by. In TATTOO, the book is obsessed with sex, and everything else runs a very poor second.

GARDEN OF SAND is a great work. TATTOO is second-rate softcore porn.


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