Re: RARA-AVIS: Question about themes: Ms Meaker

From: Marijane Meaker (
Date: 14 Oct 2003

Miker, I guess I have a tendency to write about the underdog, pointed out by reviewers. Anyway, a professsional or regular criminal wouldn't interest me. Kids have always interested me which was pointed out by the young adult writer Louise Fitzhugh who suggested I look into the YA field.

I travelled a lot to Europe as a youngster with my family. The last time was 1937 in Berlin, very traumatic. I had an uncle in the SS. Then I visited Europe a lot in the early 50's, just trips with friends. In the nineties I spent a few weeks for several years in the Languadoc region, France. We'd rent a house, use it as a base, and hike the trails of surrounding towns...I like Europe but I was right not to want to live there just as I was beginning to establish myself in NYC. Also I have no facility for language as Highsmith did. Veryfrustrating to feel deaf and dumb in a strange place.

My Packers are all out of print except Cleis Press is bringing back Spring Fire. My interest as a youngster was always in crime, but I got the reputation as a lesbian pulp writer somehow, though I wrote far more suspense books as Packer.

Cheers! mm

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