RE: RARA-AVIS: PLAYHOUSE 90 (from Rogue & Bouchercon): Moore

From: Todd Mason (
Date: 15 Oct 2003

From: [mailto:] Better yet for this list is the December 1959 issue. Fiction by Harlan Ellison and Richard Matheson, another column by Lenny Bruce and an article by Howard Browne on the creation of the television series "77 Sunset Strip." The
"Rogue Notes" in the front say Browne's novel SEVEN AGAINST THE WALL is
"down on Simon & Schuster's Spring list as 'the big one' saw it on Playhouse 90 last season..." I don't believe any such novel ever appeared but I am curious if anyone knows anything about the Playhouse 90 show. all It definitely seems to have been produced: 90. Seven Against the Wall broadcast: 11-Dec-1958

Several PLAYHOUSE 90s seem as if they'd be very interesting to the members of this list...such as their version of RENDEVOUS IN BLACK...

ROGUE was definitely one of the more interesting skin magazines...up until the '70s, at least, there always seemed to be someone interested in imitating the Other interesting aspects of PLAYBOY as well as the pulchritude...and most of them seemed to involve sf and/or cf folks... TM

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