Re: RARA-AVIS: The Evil Friendship and Heavenly Creatures

From: Marijane Meaker (
Date: 13 Oct 2003

I didn't know about the play. The movie was done long after I wrote my book, I liked it but but I thought it was too fanciful. I read the real trial transcripts, letter, all there was, and the trial happened shortly before, so it was fresh in my mind. I certainly wouldn't call the movie
"noir." Nor did they capture the true crazy imaginativeness of Hulme, now Anne Perry. It was a major crime, and the movie didn't go into the girls' personalities in any depth, not their home situation, homosexuality etc. It was too light for my taste.

I did base many of my stories on true crime. Whisper His Sin, was the Fraden-Wepman cyanide cocktail case, for example and Dark Don"t Catch Me was Emmett Till case....Packer

Paul Farrell <>

> Yes, the film Heavenly Creatures was also about the Parker-Hulme case.
> Here in New Zealand it's an infamous murder. Trivia note: The film's
> director was Peter Jackson, whose latest movies are the Lord of the
> Rings films. I suppose Heavenly Creatures could be called a noir
> fantasy (especially the final section). It's an excellent film, one of
> the best that New Zealand has produced.
> There has also been a play written about the murder. It's by Michaelanne
> Forster, and is called Daughters of Heaven.

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