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From: Marijane Meaker (
Date: 10 Oct 2003

I don't know what Boucher meant. I guess it was the company I kept, being the only female Gold Medal writer in the beginning. Boucher himself wrote me suggesting I do The Evil Friendship. It was based on the real New Zealand case(matricide) Parker-Hulme. Many years later Hulme was released and she writes today very well as Anne Perry. Boucher knew my interest in true crime and was inspired to make the suggestion because of a book I did called Whisper His Sin (not my choice of title) which was a true story based on the Freden/Wepman cyanide cocktail matricide...Probably Boucher meant my subject matter was more "tough guy: than the average female writer. Vin Packer

Michael Robison <> wrote:Ms Meaker,

> In an essay about the Vin Packer novels in MURDER OFF
> THE RACK, Jon Breen notes that after reading THE EVIL
> FRIENDSHIP, Anthony Boucher said that you were as
> hardboiled as the best of them.
> I usually think of "tough guy" novels when hardboiled
> is referred to, but in THE EVIL FRIENDSHIP, THE
> SPRING FIRE, the emphasis seems to be on characters
> that are decidedly not tough. What do you think
> Boucher meant by calling your books hardboiled?

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