RE: RARA-AVIS: Real Pulp: Robison

From: Todd Mason (
Date: 10 Oct 2003

From: Michael Robison [mailto:]: A lot of people, including some close to the genre, have an expanded idea of pulp that encompasses a style more than a time period and cheap paper.

--Well, there's something to be said for formulations such as "neo-pulp", but not for the kind of ignorance, however celebratory of its infra-dig status, that the likes of Terry Gross or Quentin Tarantino display.

There's a
"pulp" collection (MAMMOTH BOOK OF PULP FICTION?) that contains fiction written long after the end of WWII.

--Indeed, and making the argument, even if only implicitly (though I think explicitly, don't have it here to check) that the likes of MANHUNT and other post-pulp hb were often in a "neo-pulp" mode.

But heck with trivial stuff like that. I just ordered a book called DIME DETECTIVES by a guy named Goulart. That should be the real thing! Hope it's good. Any comments on it?

--Haven't read it, but I've been a fan of Ron Goulart for decades, and he knows from pulp. TM

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