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From: Kerry Schooley (
Date: 10 Oct 2003

At 02:15 PM 09/10/2003 -0700, Kevin Smith wrote:

>Sheesh. Although I too saw the echoes of Benchley and Hemingway, I thought
>Spillane's latest was, well, pretty uneven, and at times extremely dated.
>It's almost as if it was shoved in a back drawer back in the fifties, and
>dragged out recently, given a brief, uneven updating (Commies? DVDs but no
>cellphones?) and released in time for the holiday buying season.
>It's not a horrible book, and it's not going to ruin his reputation or
>anything, but it won't greatly enhance it, either. Maybe what Spillane
>needed in this one was actually more comic book action, not less. Instead
>I found it all rather subdued; edgeless if you will, for someone who used
>to write with such venom and passion. A shaggy dog story with a slightly
>fishy smell. Hammer was at times almost psychotic; the hero here seems
>more like just a grumpy old man.
>Which is fine -- it's just that I wasn't expecting this relatively
>light-hearted adventure yarn.
>Still, it's good to have the Mick back, and it's nice to hear Vern's still
>out there, too. Kerry, get him to join the list.

Don't think Vern's much of a joiner, though I have forwarded him the odd RA missive, those that might tangentially be related to a chapbook he's working on of stories in the sub-genre he calls updated spaghetti-western noir. I think I've got that right. It was inspired by his discovery of section of Detroit that is reverting to prairie.

I will now forward him your thoughts.

Best Kerry

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