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Date: 07 Oct 2003

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> --And, of course, we have at least one writer on this list who's done work
> in this vein, among his other work, in James Reasoner. TM

I don't know if any of my stuff is dark enough to fall into that category, but I'd say some of it is hardboiled.

The thing about Western writers is that so many of them turned out so many stories that they tried nearly all the variations on the formula, including noir. Giles Lutz, whose name probably wouldn't come up very often when discussing noir Westerns, wrote one of the darkest stories I've ever read, called "No Second Chances", about an outlaw trying to reform. It appeared in a Fifties issue of the pulp TEXAS RANGERS and hasn't ever been reprinted as far as I know. There must be a lot of others like that out there in odd places, long since forgotten.


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