RARA-AVIS: Beaver and LYON'S DEN, among other recent experiences (including another Gorman book, the WORLD'S FINEST annual...)

From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 06 Oct 2003

In the spirit of plugging the listmembers' work, I'd like to note that Jim's turn on last night's THE LYON'S DEN was the best piece of acting in that agreeable episode...some day, I'll ask What Elizabeth Mitchell's Really Like.

Also, the other night I dipped into Ed Gorman and MH Greenberg's most recent WORLD'S FINEST annual, and so far, hard to argue with...Clark Howard's "To Live and Die and Midland, Texas" starts a bit pedestrianly, but by its end has become a very persuasive, calmly-told bit of HB no one here should miss. Kate Wilhelm's fine (and sobering) borderline horror and Val McDermid's clever bit of revenge are as far else as I've gotten in the fiction; only nit I'd pick with Jon Breen and Ed Hoch's nonfiction in the front of the book is that between them they neglect the CF magazines, beyond noting the sudden passing of Cathleen Jordan.

And I note Five Star is discounting some of their hb CF and western fiction...I hope that isn't a prelude to putting it out of print.

TM on the "one story a decade" plan http://lostpages.net/october2003.html

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