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Date: 06 Oct 2003

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> I don't think today's kids are more delicate - just the opposite. Have
> you seen the movie Thirteen? Packer would be tame reading for today's
> kids. Out-of-date and anachronistic.

Hi Ms. Meaker, it's a real pleasure having you posting to this list. I teach thirteen year-olds, and I think it's interesting that so many people are under the impression that they're more worldly than thirteen year-olds of previous generations. I'd agree up to a point.

However, it seems that a lot of their 'worldliness' comes from exposure to the harsh realities of adult life via magazines, television, and movies such as "Thirteen." Granted, they know the world is out there, but how much of it they have experienced as anything other than a voyeur remains to be seen. In my experience, this is overwhelmingly the case.

All the best, and again, welcome to this list!

Brian Thornton

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