RARA-AVIS: the fifties

From: Marijane Meaker ( mjmeaker@yahoo.com)
Date: 05 Oct 2003

I was just out of college in the fifties and unaware or thoughtless about any historical implications of anything. I was just having fun, finding my gay crowd, learning how to live in NYC. Although there were restrictions concerning how I ended Spring Fire, due to postal regulations, my life was full of restrictions as all gays' lives were. I was simply glad to have my first book published, and the money was good. My main interest was never in lesbian pulps though. I did far more suspense books, about eighteen more. We didn't think of ourselves as pulp writers. That was a term for magazine writers who sold mystery stories at a penny a word. We got a penny a copy and usual printing was 400,000. We were much better paid than hardcover writers. We called ourselves paperback writers. Pulp came from some source not there, many years later. No, I don't read the old vin packers. I loved writing them, but I have too many writers I want to read them my old self over again. Cheers.

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