RARA-AVIS: Nice to be back

From: Geir Glosvik ( gglosvik@online.no)
Date: 03 Oct 2003

Hello rare avians!

I'd just like to tell you that i joined this list in August 1997 and was a lurker for quite a few years. The rest of the years since I quit, I've spent reading some of all the books that you guys mentioned in your posts. That was quite a lot of magnificent writers! So far, I've not returned or sold one single book that I bought on your recommendations. I guess I'll be mostly lurking in the future as well. I read English easily, but when it comes to writing - well, I prefer reading.

I'm Norwegian, male, 55 years of age and started reading this kind of literature about 1970. I't's given me quite a lot of pleasure during all these years. Favourites? The classics - but I really do enjoy James Sallis and James Crumley. Not forgetting Michael Connelly, and - oh, forget it.

Like I said - it's nice to be back.

Regards, Geir Glosvik

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