RARA-AVIS: Present Tense Narration

From: David Wright ( dwright333@yahoo.com)
Date: 03 Oct 2003

  Hello, all. A short-time lurker with a new thread, if there are any takers...
     The subject has come up here and there in the past, but I'd love to hear about any writers you feel are especially adept at First Person PRESENT TENSE narration. I was reminded by the poster who mentioned John Burdett's 'Bangkok 8,' an East-meets-West thriller/mystery that I enjoyed very much, and which makes skilled use of this viewpoint. Coincidentally, I am re-reading Andre Dubus III's masterful tragedy 'House of Sand and Fog,' which is also done this way. Both have a lot of ease with bringing the reader into the protagonist's mind and worldview.
     Anybody else have any F-P-P-T narratives to recommend?
     -David Wright

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