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Date: 21 Sep 2003


The "Pulp Stories" in the first volume of the Library of America's collection of Chandler adds Blackmailers Never Shoot to the 12 stories in the original volume of The Simple Art of Murder (later split into Simple Art of Murder, Pickup on Noon Street and Trouble Is My Business, the way I first read them). Everyman's Library's Collected Stories contains those 13, plus all the 8 of the stories previously collected in Killer in the Rain (Killer in the Rain, The Man Who Liked Dogs, The Curtain, Try the Girl, Mandarin's Jade, Bay City Blues, The Lady in the Lake and No Crime in the Mountains; it does not reprint Philip Durham's intro to the Ballantine paperback). In addition, the Everyman doorstop offers The Bronze Door, Professor Bingo's Snuff, The Pencil (a late Marlowe story) and English Summer.


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