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From: Todd Mason (
Date: 18 Sep 2003

Having met Vicki Hendricks, briefly, both online and actually (at Bouchercon 2001, perhaps the most noirish of WorldCons?), I'm sorry to say that MIAMI PURITY didn't do much for me, but may be valuable for the reason cited, as a noirish woman's POV novel that didn't depend (entirely) on the typical femme fatale tropes...but certainly Cornell Woolrich, if not always convincingly, went beyond those, too. Other examples which come to mind are probably more arguable (Paretsky and Muller, don't know yet if Ms. Meaker did anything relevant in first-person...).

TM (who intends to read IGUANA LOVE eventually)

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Jack Bludis wrote:
> Thanks to Ron Hinton for pointing out Vicki
> Hendricks and mentioning her web site.
> It was worth repeating.
> For a first-person idea of how a certain kind of
> woman thinks, I don't think you can beat "Miami
> Purity."

******************** You've mentioned this book before, Jack. My curiousity finally got the best of me and I ordered it from Amazon for 18 cents. I decided to go hog wild and I got IGUANA LOVE, too. They billed it as porn noir. Sounds like fun.

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