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Date: 18 Sep 2003

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?ps - minor quibble -- after [Samuel L. Jackson's] initial search and his repeated insistence throughout the movie that he was just on the street because he was looking for a girl, we never hear if that girl was found, even though there is a brief coda after Friar has returned home.?


Sounds a lot, to me, like the missing girl played by Lea Massari in Antonioni's "L'Avventura." She's the character whose disappearance sets the plot in motion and, after a while, is forgotten by searchers Monica Vitti and Gabriele Ferzetti.
Something tells me that, coming from the director of "Five Easy Pieces" and "King of Marvin Gardens," the losing track of a crucial character isn't so much careless omission as it is a deliberate artistic gesture. Lost and forgotten purposes, etc. It also seems that director Rafelson is of just the right generation and temperament to make an Antonioni hommage likely.


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