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 JEOPARDY IS MY JOB (1962, Fawcett Gold Medal s1214), by Stephen Marlowe.
 A Chet Drum story. "Chester Drum flies to Spain to investigate kidnaping
 and murder among the expatriate set who drink always, work never, and love
 only themselves."
 DRUM BEAT--BERLIN (1964, Fawcett Gold Medal k1420), by Stephen Marlowe.
 "Lorelei Graeber was a big, busty, brassy torch singer who gave Chet Drum
 his lumps the way no other woman ever had."
 KILL HIM TWICE (1965, Pocket Books), by Richard S. Prather. A Shell Scott
 story. "She drew up her legs a mite, arranged them on the divan, fluffed
 her skin--that is, her, skin-colored peignoir--and said, 'I really should
 change into something more hostessy, if you've got the time.' 'Baby, I
 haven't got *that* much time.'"
Turning off the music for a second, the Chet Drum books are a lot of fun. Certainly, Prather is as well although I confess that I have not read any of his once he moved to Pocket Books.

My current reading is JO GAR'S CASEBOOK by Raoul Whitfield and it is such a pleasure. A tip of the hat to Doug for collecting the Jo Gar stories. I had read a few here and there but having them all together allows for more sustained study and enjoyment. Other writers have used exotic locales and characters but there is a depth and believability to the Jo Gar stories that may be due to Whitfield's personal memories of the Philippines. Then again, he may have just been better in casting the spell.

I have three of Whitfield's four stories in Adventure magazine and am reading Jo Gar in preparation. Two of the three are aviation stories but the third, and most interesting in appearance, is not. I will report on them later.

Richard Moore

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