RE: RARA-AVIS: Slamming the Doors, just to keep them shut. and Gi na Gallo.

From: Todd Mason (
Date: 16 Sep 2003

A Doors original, but Robby Krieger wrote "Light My Fire." Hence its lack of Lizard Kinging.

TM, who likes X's "Soul Kitchen" a lot better than the Doors' own version. And the Kinks weren't cruder than the Beatles...just, early on, louder. Than anyone. (Ray Davies's film, RETURN TO WATERLOO, begins awfully promisingly, and even noirishly, only to waft away into vagueness...)

List-relevant PS: Has anyone else read Gina Gallo's cop memoir ARMED AND DANGEROUS? Was digging it, but stopped at a point wherein a famous urban legend was reported as secondhand factual reportage. Shall probably slog on, but am shaken...

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"Anyway, Morrison didn't write BACKDOOR MAN or LIGHT MY FIRE. Or the ALABAMA SONG either."

I hate to interrupt a good harangue -- especially one with which I agree
-- with facts, but Light My Fire was a Doors original.

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