RARA-AVIS: Three recent purchases

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 15 Sep 2003

JEOPARDY IS MY JOB (1962, Fawcett Gold Medal s1214), by Stephen Marlowe. A Chet Drum story. "Chester Drum flies to Spain to investigate kidnaping and murder among the expatriate set who drink always, work never, and love only themselves."

DRUM BEAT--BERLIN (1964, Fawcett Gold Medal k1420), by Stephen Marlowe.
"Lorelei Graeber was a big, busty, brassy torch singer who gave Chet Drum his lumps the way no other woman ever had."

KILL HIM TWICE (1965, Pocket Books), by Richard S. Prather. A Shell Scott story. "She drew up her legs a mite, arranged them on the divan, fluffed her skin--that is, her, skin-colored peignoir--and said, 'I really should change into something more hostessy, if you've got the time.' 'Baby, I haven't got *that* much time.'"


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