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 I'm not sure I would call Stribling "Noir" and certainly not "hardboiled,"
 but his 2 collections of detective stories -- CLUES OF THE CARIBEES (1929)
 and BEST DR. POGGIOLI DETECTIVE STORIES (1975) are subversive of the form.
 Crippen & Landru has contracted with Stribling's heirs to issue the
 unreprinted stories that appeared in ADVENTURE and BLUE BOOK in the late
 20's and 30's. It will be called DR. POGGIOLI CRIMNINOLIGTS, edited by
 Arthur Vidro and published in our Lost Classics series sometime early next
 Doug >> I would love to see a list of the stories (which could be sent offline) as I have many but not all of the unpublished Poggioli stories. As you no doubt know, there are unreprinted Poggioli stories from the 1950s that appeared in the Lowndes-edited pulps and also some from The Saint digest that the Dover volume did not include. I am happy for whatever is included and will certainly buy it when it is out.

Thanks for the good comments on the Anderton post. I have just ordered two additional copies of Famous Detective with stories by Anderton (not certain if Ware and Pender stories are in them). Also in one of the issues is another story by Hunt Collins and I am hopeful it is a Guthrie Lamb story. By the way my copy just arrived of GLADLY THE CROSS-EYED BEAR by Ed McBain (1996) and indeed this is the same Guthrie Lamb. Here is a quote:

"The man's name was Guthrie Lamb.

"He was telling me he'd been a famous detective for more years than I had been on earth, having started his agency back in 1952, when he used to operate out of New York City."

Matthew Hope notes that he was very large and fit for a man in his 60s although "I had no way of knowing what he might of looked like when he first put in an appearance as a Famous Detective..." He also notes that Lamb "seemed to be carrying a very large gun in a highly visible shoulder holster." Which, although I have yet to read beyond this point, indicates that Guthrie may still be carrying his .45 Automatic. I have my late father-in-law's .45 Colt automatic and his shoulder holster and I can testify that it makes a pretty big bulge.

Richard Moore

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