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 Damn, Richard, that's a lot of plot. How long is this story? Sounds
 great, though. Have the Pender stories ever been reprinted? I wonder
 if Max Allan Collins had read them before writing Ms Tree.
 The story is a little over 22 pulp 2-column pages. I would estimate a little over 15,000 words. After the opening scene in the Ware & Pender office the pace never slows. I don't know if any of the stories have been reprinted but I doubt it and I doubt Collins read them before Ms Tree.

I realize I have rattled on at great length about a very obscure writer and series. But here is one more description of Edna Pender from another Anderton story: "Miss Pender looked like the second coming of something that should have stayed away the first time. She was small, bow-legged, and thin---except at the bust. What she had there would have aroused the envy of any Hollywood sweater-girl. Her features were nice--if considered singly--but they didn't match; the face was grotesque, except when she smiled."

Richard Moore

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