Re: RARA-AVIS: The Woman Chaser / The High Priest Of California

Date: 05 Sep 2003

<< I've finished CHASER
 and I'm halfway through HIGH PRIEST and I can't help but notice some
 similarities between the narrators of each:
 One is named Russell Haxby, the other is named Richard Hudson.
 Both are used car salesmen.
 Each have a mother married to a Hollywood producer.
 Haxby lives in San Francisco; Hudson just moved from there.
 I can't help wondering if Willeford had some more ideas involving the
 character from HIGH PRIEST but couldn't use the same person.
  This is from an interview in WILLEFORD by Don Herron:

Don Herron: Russell Haxby and Richard Hudson in the two used car salesman books, aren't they the same guy?

Charles Willeford: Richard Hudson is the guy that Hemingway stole from me, for his book Islands in the Stream.

DH: He did what?

CW: Richard Hudson was his hero, I think, but that <book> came out later.

DH: Oh, it was coincidental. Or he stole that from you?

CW: Well, mine's first. What the hell, you know, I got a claim.

DH: Yeah, but I still think he's Russell Haxby. I read those and he seemed like the same guy to me.

CW: No, he's not. He's different. Different.

DH: Well, he seemed like the same guy to me--

CW: You see, he's got all these secondary characteristics, but he's more ambitious.

There's also a Richard Hudson in Willeford's Understudy for Love, but it's not the same character.


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